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AIDARA - The Power of Partnership

Your bookkeeping outsourcing specialist:

Helping your business grow into the future.

These days, it seems your growing or start-up business is caught between two choices: spend hours of valuable time on back office bookkeeping or spend loads of money on an in-house bookkeeping department.

Now there’s a third and better alternative: AIDARA. As your Bookkeeping Outsourcing Company, we take the load off you so you can gain relief from administrative burdens, efficiently handle bookkeeping, tax and financial matters, save unnecessary costs, uncover new opportunities and move your business forward.

Just think: One company. One call. And dozens of benefits from a strategic partner who’s dedicated toYour business success.

". . . Always making sure I was getting the most bang for your buck! "
-Matthew Welch, Premier Golf Lessons
"Within days of crossing paths with Aradia, I was learning more about proper recordkeeping than I would have ever known had I researched on my own. I highly recommend partnering with her company."
-Antoinette Dickson, The Innovative Pen


We streamline your bookkeeping services and create efficient workflow processes to give you greater control over billings and account receivables and get your books CPA-ready.

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We’re on your side to keep you in compliance with your tax obligations and to present you with the bigger picture on how to keep more of what you earn.

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Business Development

We get your new business off on the right foot by supporting your business formation and filing needs.

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Aidara, Inc., its employees and associates are not Certified Public Accountants or Attorneys. This firm is not a CPA or Law firm. We are Licensed in the State of Texas and Insured.